About Our Company

CFM Data Network, LLC BBB Accreditation

We are a small business that strives to help other small businesses obtain data at a reasonable price.

CFM Began in as an Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN which is Home of the Mayo Clinic and IBM’s AS/400 and System I division. In 2005 a couple of our agents who were sick of ‘renting’ their lists or being charged a hefty price per one-thousand records decided to take a stand and start a data compiling division of our company. Since then we have become the industry leader for Directories on CD and DVD that allow no export limits. We work with hundreds of sources to ensure that our data is the most accurate available. Feel free to check out the “About our Data” page for more info on how we obtain and compile our data.

We ask that you check out the people who have given us testimonials on our “Our Clients” page. There are other data companies out there with flashy websites and testimonials- but when you search for the company that is listed by that testimonial you won’t find them.

What’s different about our company?
We are the real deal – often copied, but never duplicated.

It is our desire to make your marketing experience as easy and affordable as possible.

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CFM helped launch our growth with their outstanding support. The products they provide have saved us a ton of money.
CFM has been a great partner. A few years ago our source of leads dried up. All of the alternatives were very expensive. CFM's leads are great and we order updates multiple times a year.
Until I found CFM, prospecting meant paying the exorbitant fees of InfoUSA. The volume of leads generated with CFM's products allowed me to hire a sales force and quadruple my prospective efforts at a minimal cost.
Sharon Claar JTB Associates, LLC
CFM's products offer us a great advantage over our competitors when searching for leads.
Lorenzo Tartamella iDataware
I have been dealing with CFM for several years and have the highest praise for her and the products she deals in. I currently have over 90 million residential telephone numbers in my data base and uploading them presented no problem whatsoever. It's always a joy dealing with Cathy as she is very knowledgeable and is most willing to answer all questions and do what she can to make you a satisfied client.
I’ve been using CFMLeads since 2005 for a variety of data needs for our company and clients. They’ve always been very quick to respond to our data needs and help me find just what I need and get it for me just when I need it. The quality of the data has always been really good to, unlike much of what is out there. Their customer service is always excellent and very prompt! I’m happy to recommend CFMLeads!