Canada Opt-In Consumer Email List

Canada Opt-In Consumer Email List
5 Million Canadian consumers with Email

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•Includes: Name, Address, City, Province, Phone, Email, IP Address

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All opt-In data is collected by user input through a web form or landing page owned and hosted by a 3rd party company. This data is considered to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. It is common for users to input a fake phone number, name, email, physical address, or birth date when filling out these forms. It is common for users to opt-in on multiple sites so they may be listed more than once. Due to the nature of this data we can not guarantee a certain percentage of accuracy. It is common to see at least a 20% bounce rate when sending email to these lists.

Our search software allows you to run a query from any of the available criteria and export your results into a custom list.

Export formats include: CSV, TAB, MS EXCEL, HTML, XML, and More!